Can A Leader Push too Much?
Can A Leader Push too Much?

POSTED: February 20th, 2012

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The other day, something happened in our District. An employee made a great decision and did something that really helped get the word out about something going on in the District.  So, I called and praised him and then I threw in something that would have put the message even better.  Then I started thinking, Do I do the “Praise, but…” all the time? And, if I do, is it bad?

The first step of this realization was that I do it more than I thought.  I asked one of my principals and he admitted it can be a little frustrating, but he’s now gotten used to the fact that I seem appreciative of the effort, but usually ask for a little more.   He told me, “It’ always a tweak or adjustment kind of thing, so I’m Ok with it.”  I then asked my assistant – she’s biased – But she just thinks it means I care.

Not that I want to be self-conscious about it, but it does make me wonder if a leader can push too much.

Over the next couple of weeks, I’m going to hold off and not do the “but….” And see if people still take the initiative to go to the next step on their own.  I hope they do.  Because that will mean the culture is such that going to the next level is just part of the fabric of what we do.  If not… well, maybe it’s good I’m such a nag.

PS.  If you want to check out more cools stuff – check out the EdHive.  It’s a group of people I know who are doing some pretty exciting stuff.  Not to mention they like featuring my blog – check them out.

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  1. rbernato says:

    Praise – But is way better than plain old “butting”.

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